Marilyn Williamson Faculty Fellowship

Thanks to a generous endowment provided by former Provost Marilyn L. Williamson, the Humanities Center offers an annual Distinguished Faculty Fellowship to tenured faculty (associate and full professeors) in the humanities as defined by the NEH, the arts and related disciplines. The award of this single $20,000 fellowship is based on the merit of the individual research project proposed for the fellowship term; on the exceptional contribution the proposed project will make to the humanities and its potential for scholarly recognition and publication, exhibition or performance; and on two external recommendations in support of the project.

The endowment provides funds to offer two fellowships every third year. Consistent with the mission of the Humanities Center, interdisciplinary proposals are particularly encouraged, although all distinguished projects in the humanities will be fully considered. The Fellowship recipient will be asked to share results of the funded research in an award lecture to be organized during the year of (or following) the fellowship term.

22-23 Marilyn Williamson Faculty Fellowship Flyer
22-23 Marilyn Williamson Faculty Fellowship Cover Sheet

Submissions for 2022-2023 have closed


The Center will fund one proposal annually, but with the intention every third year to open the competition to two such awards. Applicants should limit their total budgets to $20,000, and should prepare a budget statement which includes expenses related to a specific research project, e.g. travel, research assistance, salary and fringe benefits.


Each proposal must consist of a narrative of not more than twelve double-spaced pages (excluding the application cover page), a detailed budget (explaining the budget information requested on the application cover page), and the professional record of the applicant.

  1. A completed application cover page with all required signatures (not part of the twelve-page limit). Note: in the case that a department head is applying for a fellowship, he or she should obtain the signature of his or her dean.
  2. The applicant's name, and his or her discipline corresponding to the project.
  3. A project narrative of no more than twelve pages, which includes:
    1. Statement of purpose
    2. Description of the preliminary hypotheses
    3. Theoretical framework
    4. Research methodolgoy
    5. Possible outcomes of the project, with publication and future research plans, if follow-up studies are anticipated.
    6. Contribution that the project will make to the profession and to the applicant's career
  4. A bibliography or list of relevant sources, not to exceed one page (included in the twelve-page limit).
  5. A detailed budget and justification by category (in addition to the budget summary on the application cover page). Summer salary, if requested, and fringe benefits costs for all relevant employees must also be included in the total budget request.
  6. A list of awards and fellowships received over the last five years.
  7. The professional record and contact information of the applicant.
  8. Two external letters of recommendation in support of the project proposed for the fellowship. Referees should submit their letters directly to Jaime Goodrich, Director of the Humanities Center, at