Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

The Humanities Center and the Graduate School are proud to announce their collaboration on funding the Humanities Center Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship. This annual fellowship will award $15,000 to a humanities or arts doctoral candidate in the final stages of writing their dissertation.

The applicant must already be in the process of writing the dissertation and must complete all requirements, including the final defense, by the end of the Spring/Summer Semester 2023 or shortly thereafter. Up to three smaller awards of $500 each could be made at the discretion of the sponsors. The fellowship award will be dispensed as monthly stipends between January and August.

Submissions for the 2022-2023 Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship have closed! 


Applicants for this fellowship must be:

  1. Doctoral candidates preparing dissertations in the humanities, arts, or related disciplines.
  2. These disciplines include philosophy, languages, linguistics, literature, history, jurisprudence, archaeology, comparative religion, ethics, the arts etc.
  3. Those aspects of social sciences that have humanistic content and employ humanistic methods, and the study and application of the humanities to the human environment.


  1. An applicant must be enrolled in good standing as a PhD candidate in a humanities or arts discipline at WSU
  2. Must have the dissertation topic, outline, and prospectus approved by his/her dissertation committee, and by the Graduate School by the application deadline
  3. Must have completed all requirements for the PhD, except the dissertation

**The recipient of the fellowship cannot hold a teaching position nor have other major employment.**


Submit documents via Formy:

  1. Application Form Part I and Part II. 
  2. Dissertation outline and prospectus with all necessary departmental and graduate school signatures.
  3. Statement of purpose indicating how your dissertation engages central issues in humanities or arts.
  4. Confidential reference from your dissertation adviser, submitted directly to the Humanities Center. The letter must arrive by the deadline.
  5. Confidential support letter from a second referee, submitted directly to the Humanities Center. The letter must arrive by the deadline.